A Christmas Carol

Coming soon!

The play A Christmas Carol by Charles dickens is a great, fun and entertaining play to go see! Why should you go see this play? Well there are many different reasons you should go so here are a few of them. First off the play really brings the book to life. For example, how Scrooge totally changes his character from the beginning to the end and also how they recreated Scrooge & Marlys and Scrooges upstairs. Another reason is that the characters in the play are really into their parts and never break character. Even though one after was playing three different parts in the play you could still tell who she was all the time. Later in the play when the ghosts come the sound effects are really great! There is a big bang when each ghost enters the room. Overall I thought everything was wonderful about the play, especially the actors and the sound effect. I think you would really like A Christmas carol by Charles Dickens! So come and see the play soon when we come by you!

You will not regret going

Sacrifices made

The main character in A Christmas Carol is Scrooge. Scrooge made a sacrifice when he have his money to the people who needed it because he had not been so nice in the past but he was going to change that. And to change his life he had to give up how his life used to be. Just like Scrooge I have also made a sacrifice. The sacrifice that I made was changing soccer teams from Eden prairie to Minnesota thunder academy. I had to give up being on a soccer team with all of my best friends. But now I have a lot of friends on my soccer team and all my friends that used to be on my team!