Fort Sumter

The Beginning of Civil War

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Fort Sumter is located on an island not far from South Carolina, to guard the Charleston Harbor

Generals: P.G.T. Beauregard general of the confederate and Robert Anderson general of the union

  1. The War occurred April 12, 1861- April 14, 1861
  2. Fort Sumter was the first battle of the American Civil War
  3. It was the intense Confederate artillery bombardment of Robert Anderson's, 85 men, Union army.
  4. Located in Charleston, South Carolina
  5. The fort was captured on April 14, 1861, General Anderson surrendered to the Confederacy
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The Confederate Army General - P.G.T. Beauegard
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Union Army General who surrendered to the CSA. Robert Anderson
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Land that surrounds Fort Sumter, and routes to get through it.
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The surrender of Fort Sumter