Pancreas Cancer

Kira Johnson

Background Info

Pancreatic cancer is first developed in the pancreas. The most common cause is from a exocrine tumor, which is a malignant tumor. Men have a 30% more chance of getting pancreatic cancer than women. Africans or people withAfrican in them are most likely to get this deadly cancer.

Death Rate

Pancreatic cancer is ranked fourth in cancer deaths in the U.S. Over the course of five years, only 6% of victims with pancreatic cancer survive. Usually this cancer is diagnosed in the late stages, so some victims only have months to live. Other times they can continue living for several years before the cancer takes them.

Prevention and Risks

There is no definite way to prevent pancreatic cancer, but the American Cancer Society says that in 20-30% of all cases of pancreatic cancer, cigarette smoking has been the cause.


The most common ways to treat pancreas cancer are radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery.