Great News at P'ville Elementary!

P'ville Elem. Scores High Marks on Iowa State Report Card

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Pleasantville Elementary Earns High Performing Rank

The Iowa Department of Education released its "Iowa School Report Card" recently. The report card is a comprehensive analysis of how well all Iowa schools are doing, measuring such criteria as Iowa Assessment proficiency, closing the gap among certain groups (such as socio-economic status or special education), growth scores (including those on target to be college/career ready) from year to year on Iowa Assessments, daily attendance and staff retention. More on this report card can be found at this link:

In 2015, Pleasantville Elementary earned a "Commendable" ranking, placing it in the Top 35% of all schools in the state. This year, Pleasantville Elementary earned a "High-Performing" ranking, placing it in the Top 11% of all schools statewide. Pleasantville Elementary performed exceptionally well in all categories, beating the state average in College/Career Readiness Growth, Annual Expected Growth, Daily Attendance, and Staff Retention; significantly beating the state average in Iowa Assessment proficiency scores, and crushing the state average in closing the gap among various groups (socio-economic and special education). Here are some comparisons:

Pleasantville Elementary outperformed ...

* all schools but one in our present athletic conference (Bedford)

* every school in our future athletic conference

* every elementary in Marion County

* every elementary in Indianola

* six of eight elementary schools in Waukee

* all eight West Des Moines elementary schools

* 8 of 9 Ankeny elementary schools

* all elementary schools in Dallas Center-Grimes and Norwalk

* all 6 elementary schools in Johnston

* and 90% of all elementary schools in Heartland AEA.

For more information on the Iowa School Report Card, visit the Iowa Department of Education's website or this link:

While we are honored to do so well, Pleasantville Elementary values much more than performance on high-stakes tests. Nonetheless, congratulations to our Pleasantville Elementary students, teachers and support staff for always doing your best!

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