All About Me!!

Janie Sanchez

  • I'm majoring in Biomedical Sciences-Premed. I was in the medical academy in middle school and high school. Being in the medical academy I was able to get introduced into the different medical careers. I was also able to do clinic volunteer hours and hospitals, doctor offices, and alzheimer's clinics.
  • I found EXCEL to be a great opportunity to receive mentors and tutors for my overall classes. Another great advantage was being in GEMS so that I have another mentor and receive more advice on being a first year student. I found that getting first pick for my math classes was going to be very helpful in getting my schedule together.
  • Having to record the three hours of STEM related classes in the study session allows me to get more study time and learn to manage my time. I feel that having that opportunity will allow me to succeed in my first year of college.
  • When I was thirteen I got to meet the Miami dolphins and walk onto the field and hold the American flag during the Pledge of Allegiance.