Suicide Prevention

Realize. React. Respond. You could save lives.


How do we realize that this is happening? There are a few ways to see that this is going on in someones life some may include. Talking about being trapped in a situation that they can't get out of, talking about hurting themselves. Behavior may be sleeping longer or shorter, staying away from family for long periods of time. Also, their mood being aggressive, feeling useless or helpless. To know more of how to realize this go to


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Who does suicide affect? Not only does suicide affect the person, but also loved ones: Mom, dads, brothers, sister. Relative: Aunts, Uncles, Grandma's and Grandpa's! Also friends, and maybe even fellow employees! You may not even know that some people are affected that didn't even know the loved one who died! Suicide is very serious and is very devastating! -->

Come along.

How does the thoughts of suicide come along? A lot of times suicide is a problem or a rough time in somebodies life thinking it can't be fixed. Some of these may be what causes it: The death of a loved one, parents in a divorce, sickness, loss of hope, pain, bullying, and depression!
  • 1.3% deaths are from suicide
  • average, 1 suicide happens every 17 minutes
  • Suicide is the 11th leading death in America
  • Quarter of a million people become survivors of suicide every year

Action Plan.

Make sure to always help those who are in need of help and are seeing who are struggling! Never do or make someone do something that would affect them in anyway! Be a friend to all and make sure if you do hear someone thinking of suicide react quickly!


How do I react when something comes up like this? Some will say that there's no way to help fix this and they don't want to but its so important to take the time to ALWAYS talk about it, seeing how serious this is! Never let the person feel useless, once you see the signs make sure always react fast. There is always something to live for! For more go to -->