The Dollhouse Murders

Betty Ren Wright

A cliffhanger all the way through

Amy feels sorry for her brain damaged sister,but when Amy and her mom get in bug argument of the responsibility of Louanna ,Amy id forced to baby sit her everyday.Amy decides to go to her Aunts house.Amy finds a Dollhouse and likes it.The next morning Amy goes and checks on the Dollhouse but what she finds is the most disturbing the shes ever seen.The dolls have moved by themselves.Who or what has moves them.Amy is determined to fins out.

Amy goes and learns about her Grandma and Grandpa.It turns out that they were murdered by Aunt Clare's fiancee,they think. But every clue closer will revile the truth...

The times that Amy has out the Dolls in a place,they always move.But what they don't know is that they are moving into the positions they were murdered in,Grandpa on the bed,Grandma in the parlor,Paul in the wooden cabinet.

The last time they moved, Grandma Treloar gave them a hint of the murderer. She gave them the hint that the note with the clues of who the murderer was.The subject wasn't who they thought it was. It was the gardener who wanted the money that he never got...

The Main Characters

The Dollhouse Murders in the Dark! Watch your back!