by R. J. Palacio


by Sabrina Hull
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August played by Jesse Eisenberg

August is a boy thats deformed.

August is a 10 yr old that is so sweet and nice.

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Olivia played by Selena Gomez

olivia is August sister and she is 13 yr old.

Olivia is a young pretty girl.

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Mr.Tushman played by Bob Saget

Mr.Tushman is a principal at Breecher Prep.

August goes to Breecher prep.

MR.Tushman is a nice principal.

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ariana grande played summer

Summer is pretty and nice she is August friend.

summer is 12 yrs old.

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carla gugino played by isabel pullman

August mom Isabel Pullman she is a pretty mom and she is good to her kids.

Isabel pullman is 42 yrs old

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Gary Busey

Mr .Pullman played by Gary Busey is August dad his age he is 70 yrs old
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Billy Elliot

Billy Elliot played Jack August best friend.

Corey Feldman

Corey Feldman plays Julian August not so nice school mate.
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August is a little boy that is deformed in the face and it's his first time going to school at Breech Prep Middle School. He is worried about facing the outside world for the first time

when August walk into the school the first time everybody stop and look at August. like they never seen a kid with a deformed faces before. Everybody wouldn't go by him.August learned how to make friends and be comfortable with his self.


The theme of the book Wonder is friendship.When August first went to the school nobody wants to walk by him or even talk to August. August feels alone except when he is by his two friends Jack and Summer. Friendship makes you happy in life and is important because when you feel sad you have someone by your side.