Code of Ethics

My code of ethics (by Koffi Edah)


Honesty is one big part of my ethics. You start being nice when your honest. Sometimes when i don't tell the truth for what ever reason. I start to think about it a lot. I start to worry about it. Other than telling the truth and be relieve. For example, one of my best friend asked me to stay over. So i asked my dad, he said no, then i asked my mom she said yes. So having to be able to stay worried me because i wasn't allowed to stay cause of my dad. I kept worrying about it and my dad called me. he asked where i was and i said; at my friend's house. Then he told me why wasn't i home yet. I told him everything, and i ended up going back home. I was Honest to my dad because i wanted to have his approval other than having to worry about him calling or coming home.

Putting myself in others situation

Every action i take, or everytime i see someone i a bad spot. I imagine myself in the same situation, and act accordingly.

Responsibilities at school

As the MVP of the year last season for track and field. I have the responsibility to give it my all for the school. I have a lot o goals in mind. Also i plan on breaking the school's 300 meter hurdle record.


I'm a very dedicated person if i put something in mind about reaching. I give it my all. I'm talking about 150% or more; usually in sports. I always tell myself "nopain, no gain" You have got to go down before you can go up.


I've been raised to be nice by my parents. A lot of other factors shaped me to who i am today. My Environment, my friends, my teachers, and myself. I Know what the right thing to do even if it doesn't benefit me.