at Abingdon Elementary School

Kindles in Harford County

Harford County Media Specialist steering commitee has decided that Kindles are the E-reader to use in Harford County.

How Kindles are functioning at Fallston Middle School from the LMS: "For each Kindle I purchased books. I did not duplicate titles between devices. I basically had a theme for each one--adventure, mystery, chick lit, etc. We developed an acceptable use agreement that students and parents must sign before being able to check out a Kindle. We circulate them just like a book--three weeks, renew if no one is waiting for it. The fine is larger (I realize elementaries don't charge fines). I do not allow the students to take the charger. I keep a charging station in my office."

Types of Kindles for our Students

If we want our primary students to have access to the Kindles, I would recommend the Kindle Fire HD 7' Tablet (without the "special offers"). The price of an 8 GB is $139. Battery life is up to 10 hours of use. This E-reader would be best for our primary students as this tablet comes in color, as most children's books do. Also, with this type of tablet, certain educational apps can be added as well as audiobooks.

For secondary students, I would recommend either the Kindle Fire discussed above or the "standard" Kindle at $89 (without the "special offers"). Battery life is up to four weeks (with 30 minutes use each day).


Amazon has established a management system called Whispercast to help organizations and schools organize their Kindle information. Info on that can be found here: https://whispercast.amazon.com/

Below is a link to Fallston Middle School Library's Acceptable Use Policy and User Agreement.

Ebooks and Cost

There is a tremendous amount of ebooks for the Kindle through Amazon.com, and a wide range of prices. For example, here they have 25 children's books for $1 each. Here is a page with the Newberry Award winning books, and you can see that the Kindle Edition books are anywhere from $4 to $10.

An Amazon wishlist can also be created to give families the chance to "gift" an Kindle Edition book to our school, and then can be added to our Kindles.

There is some differences in using Kindles for personal use compared to in a school setting. For personal use, you can share a book (have it loaded) on to 6 different Kindles. However, my research has produced information stating that in the educational setting (library) it must be a one to one ratio - no sharing of books on multiple Kindles. If you have one book on 6 different Kindles in the educational setting, you are violating Amazon's Terms of Use Agreement.

Purchasing the Kindles

Info on making educational Kindle purchases can be found here.