My boyfriend


How is he

He is a wonderful person, altough I don't tell it him, I love him because he is a good person, he loves me and we look after us, is a experience beautiful. I hate him first but now he is one of the people I love most.

Although he gets me angry, and he is so applied in the school. he is no so handsome but neither so ugly.

My friends say that we look so good together and we are a pretty and a perfect math, it gets me feel so happy because I love be with him.

We grow up together because he teachs me and I teachs him to be a better person each day.

Our Story

We have a long love and friend's story because we can see all the good things while we are together.

I meet him in the secundary school, first we heat us then until the third year of school we get to be friends. We meet us like persons and we discovered things that we have in common. Then we forget all us friends and we stayed together all the time.

Then we intented to say us the feelings and we get in a relationship.

For how a 2 or 3 months we did'nt be together but pass my birthday we come near and we gave us an other opportunity and now we are still together and in love.

Is he, and the girl was my best friend in the secondary school. I love them, but I love more Him, Misael