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Q Commons was a hit!

Q Commons Sacramento was a great night full of wonderful insight, connectivity, and encouragement as leaders from all around the Sacramento region came together to learn and to be inspired to do good. We welcome you to to the website,, to see videos similar to the talks given at this successful evening of Q Commons Sacramento.

Mark your calendar for the next Q Commons on October 13, 2016!

Joy Justus- Refugees: The Stories We tell

Who is Joy Justus?

Joy is a graduate of UC Berkeley and Fuller Theological Seminary. She began working with World Relief in 2012 in Indonesia. She taught English to refugees from the Middle East and South Asia who were locked in a prison waiting to be processed by the United Nations. She now works as a church Mobilizer for World Relief in Sacramento.

How many times in the last week has the refugee crisis come up in conversation, on social media, or in the news?

The once distant realities of war and the consequential plight of refugees is no longer an “over there” reality. We are being reminded daily of it, and yet our personal connection with the people affected by these realities can still remain distant. In this talk, Joy Justus challenges us to re-frame the narratives we use to interpret the lives of refugees by sharing her personal connections to refugees internationally and locally as well as reminding us of our shared Biblical story... to read more of Joy's thoughts and others CLICK HERE!

Sponsored by World Relief Sacramento

We are grateful in this episode for the support of World Relief, a resettlement agency that is helping refugees and immigrants make a great start in their new home country. Learn more about how to be involved and to volunteer at