License Renewal Information & FAQs

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PDS Course Requester Training: Attending this training will enable you to enter in-district professional development (including TBTs) into the PDS so that eligible educators may earn CEUs for their participation. This training will cover both the compliance components for entering courses for CEU purposes as well as walk through the course proposal process in the PDS. To find dates and times, enter course number 44266 into the search bar under the Course tab in the title bar in the PDS system.

5-Year License Renewal Process

Step 1: Five Years Prior to Expiration of Five-Year License

Upon receiving a 5-year license, an educator must create an (Individual Professional Development Plan) IPDP in the CCS PD System for approval by the LPDC. An educator MUST have a current, approved IPDP on file with the LPDC before earning credits that qualify for license renewal. Following LPDC review, the educator will receive an email that will either notify the educator that the IPDP has been approved or requiring the educator to revise the plan and resubmit it.

Step 2: During the Five Years of an Active, Approved IPDP
Engage in Credit-bearing Professional activities related to the IPDP. Educators must follow the LPDC regulations for adding these credits to their professional records.

Step 3: Prior to the End of the License Expiration Year
Complete credit-bearing work amounting to 6 semester hours, 9 quarter hours or 18 CEUs (or a combination of these) by the date established by the Human Resources Department of the year the license expires. A guide to finding your IPDP approval date and counting your CEUs is linked below.

Step 4: In the License Expiration Year
After November 1, Human Resources will send an email with directions for completing the application online through the Ohio Department of Education website. If using any college credits for renewal, submit transcripts to the LPDC Office at 889 E. 17th Avenue, Columbus OH 43211, or by email to If the total number of CEUs do not reflect the 18 CEUs required by the Ohio Department of Education for license renewal, the educator's contract will be non-renewed. The Human Resources Department will send a non-renewal notification to all educators who have not been approved for license renewal by the deadline.

Step 5: Expiration of an Educator's license and IPDP
Upon renewal of the 5-year license, an educator's IPDP also expires and is archived. The five-step renewal process repeats as the educator must then create a new IPDP.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I start the renewal process for my license?

  • At the beginning of November during the school year after which your license is expiring, you will receive full directions by email from The three main steps are making sure you have enough CEUs to renew, getting an up-to-date FBI background check (fingerprints) completed, and completing the online application through the Ohio Department of Education (a guide to completing the application will be included with the email).

What is an "Ippy-Dippy"?

  • IPDP stands for Individual Professional Development Plan. An approved IPDP is required for educators with a 5-Year Professional License before the educator is permitted to earn CEUs toward license renewal.

How many CEUs do I need to renew?

  • You need to earn at least 18 CEUs to renew your license after the approval date of your IPDP. If you have completed any college credits after that date, each semester hour converts to 3 CEUs, and if you need those credits to renew your license, you'll submit an official transcript to the Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC) when you renew.

How many CEUs do I have?

  • We can only use CEUs that are completed after the approval date of your IPDP. To count your CEUs, use the guide that is located under "PD System User Guides & Resources" titled Finding Your IPDP Approval Date & Counting CEUs.

Is EVERYONE required to have an approved IPDP to renew?

No - some license holders do not fall under the authority of an LPDC and have different requirements:

  • School social workers, school speech-language pathologists, school nurses, school audiologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapy assistants and physical therapy assistants are required to maintain licensure through their respective Ohio professional licensure boards. To renew five-year professional pupil services licenses issued by the Ohio Department of Education in these areas, educators must maintain their respective professional board licenses.
  • Educators working under a four-year Resident Educator license, holding a two-year provisional license, or holding an alternative Resident Educator license (including career-technical workforce development teachers) apply directly to the Ohio Department of Education to either extend, renew, or advance their license.

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