WNY Young Writers' Studio

December 2012 Newsletter

Preparing to Publish

We're nine Studio sessions into our current session, and our writer's notebooks and folders and filling up nicely. Until now, much of our focus has been on defining writing our writing ideas and organizing them into meaningful drafts. As we move forward, we'll begin self-evaluating our work and choosing pieces for publication.

Once upon a time, publication was typically viewed as the end of the writing process. Once our words were released to the world, that piece of writing was considered complete, and new projects would begin. Writers are creating a very different world now. Often, publishing our writing brings us back to the beginning of the process once again. Words are often shared in social spaces online, where readers from all over the world can connect with us and provide feedback on our thinking and our work. Our ideas are often refined, enriched, or challenged in ways that bring us back to our beginnings. This leaves us thinking and writing all over again.

Publication is power and all writers have the ability to publish now.

During our December sessions, writers of all ages will consider the drafts they have produced, the promise that each one holds, and the possibilities that publication can offer them. We will be exploring various markets and venues for each writer's work and learning more about what it means to publish in 2012.

I can't wait to see where this takes us!

Plan to Join Us on December 15th!

Our next session will be held on December 15th at Union East Elementary School in Cheektowaga. Elementary writers will meet from 9am-noon. Middle and high school writers will meet from 1-4pm. Mentors will meet at 8am and teachers will meet at 8:30am. Please let Angela know if you are unable to come as soon as possible.