An Interview with Mrs.Prewitt

By Kassandra Serna

The details of a teacher becoming who they are now.

Mrs.Prewitt is an amazing teacher, that loves doing her job. Where she had gotten her education is from Southern Methodist University.She majored in P.E and minored in English. Her bachelors degree is in the art of science, but she doesn't really remember. The classes she has taught are freshman and seniors. she has taught for many years, but I do not know the exact number.
Mrs.Prewitt can always maintain her classes behavior. In order for her student to stay involved, she makes the lessons fun and easy to understand. She'll makes jokes from time to time but that just makes the classroom more lively. Mrs.Prewitt makes it seem that it doesn't take that much self motivation, she gives it a 7 on a 1-10 scale. The hours she puts in to her job each week is approximately 50-55 hours. The biggest challenge she faces is filling out all of the administrative paper work. Her biggest reward is making the relationships with the students and seeing when the light bulb comes on.