Social worker

by Klaudia Ryciuk

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Career Details

Help people and their families adjust to problems in their lives that cannot be changed. They work with underclass, homeless, and unemployed. Most work in offices, hospitals, schools, prisons or courts.May work full or part-time. May travel locally and visit people in their homes.There average salary is $42,000-$66,000.

Education needed

Some organizations allow practice with a bachelor's degree, but most require a graduates degree. Clinical positions require 1 to 2 years internship.

Skills Required

Excellent communicator and listener. Good at decision-making. Excellent problem solving skills. Understanding, patient and honest. Able to cope with stressful situations. Able to keep information private. Able to relate to people from different cultures. Well organized.

Job Outlook

Employment of social workers is expected to grow 25% from 2010-2020. Growth will be due to an increase in demand for health care. In 2012 6,571 are dong this job. Chances of getting the job are good.

Related Jobs

Some related jobs are: College Instructors in Social work, Counselors, Psychologist, Marriage & Family therapists, Probation officer and correctional system specialist, and physical therapist.
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