Coral Reefs


What are Abiotic and Biotic factors ?

Abiotic factors are non-living factors that include water,oxygen,rock,sand,shells,light,and temperature. Biotic Factors are the living things it includes fish,jellyfish,turtles,electric eels,sharks,dolphin,and starfish.

Where is a coral reef located at ?

A coral reef is located near the equator in tropical oceans. Other reefs are found in other areas in the tropical oceans like Hawaii, The Red sea there are a lot more in different places.
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What is the temperature like ?

A coral reefs temperature usually stays between 70 f {21c} and 85 f {29 c] year - round. These temperature allow a lot of animals to live there.

How do people use it ?

People use a coral reef by not littering or putting trash in it. It can recycle and remove carbón dioxide. Tourist think of it as an attraction because they see different things like fish,plant,and more !
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By: Angel