The Evolution of the Human Brain

How It Happened


There is only one animal in the world that has about the same brain capacity as a human. Apes and humans are so close together in brain size. The reason for that is evolution. Evolution is the process of changing your body and brain. Scientific evidence explains the evolution of the human brain through natural selection.

Background Knowledge

Some scientist believe that millions of years ago, people were apes and over time evolved into modern day humans. This is evolution, or the change of an animal over millions of years (Falk,1). Our brains, over time, develops which means to "grow into a more mature state, advanced,and expand" ("develop",1). This is sort of like of like evolution or the change of features over millions of years, but this is just a theory. The brain of a human is three times bigger and four times heavier than an ape's. Supposedly, at one point the human brain was the same shape as an ape's.


Research studies show that the first humans were around 23,000 to 27,000 years ago(O'Neil,1). Research shows the skulls from the past are more like Chimps and apes than the brains today. This proves for more evidence toward the evolution side.


The reasearch plus the background knowledge shows that this is a real theory. Fossils have been found inthe desert that match a Chimp's brain today(O'Neil,1). Look at the chart.The start of this tree is an ape's brain.
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All in all the human brain has devloped a lot over the years. Maybe, even from an ape. No matter what the reason is for humans , the closest relationship in the animal kingdom to us, is the Chimp.


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