A Perfect Parent

How to be the perfect parent.

Prefect Parent Personality

In order to be a "Perfect Parent" you should follow these trats.

  1. Be a tiger mom
  2. Be a hippy mom
  3. Be a helicopter mom
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A Tiger Mom

To be a perfect parent you could be a tiger mom. A tiger mom is a good parenting style. Tiger moms could be strict but, you could be less strict. A tiger mom is good because they want you to do everthing good. Good grade, good at an insterment and good at many other things.

A Hippy Mom

Also, be a hippy mom to be a perfect parent. Hippy moms are not all over their kids. But if u have the tiger mom, in you will. A hippy mom isnt harsh to there children amd kids want nice and chill parents.

A Helicopter Mom

A helicopter mom is also a good trait to be a perfect parent. They give there attention to ther children. Well dont, give the space. Also, let them have freedom. Let then go out with friends and stuff.