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Basic facts

  • population-94,348,835
  • Type of government-Communism
  • leader-President Tran Dai Quang
  • capital-Hanoi
  • language- Vietnamese/Russian

Sports an Entertainment

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common sports played in Vietnam are soccer, volleyball, and basketball, football, badminton, taekwondo, swimming, tennis, and ping-pong. Most children are taught some form of self-defense at a young age. People in Vietnam enjoy playing chess and many complete In fierce matches with other appoints in as a team sport. Watching soccer during the world cup is a common for many families in Vietnam.


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Vietnam has a certain way they believe food should be eaten, eating with rice bowl in hand not on the table that is considered lazy and using chopsticks for most/every meal. When eating they sit on a bamboo floor mat and the female guests help the female host wash all dishes. Rice is eaten with every meal. For religion 81 percent claim to be no region , 7 percent are christens and 9 percent are Buddhist. Honoring your ancestors means a lot to the daily lifestyle of people in Vietnam, they burn incense and pray to them for good luck. The most important lunar holiday is the Lunar New Year,In January or February. People use the preparatory time before the new year to clean homes, refurbish ancestral graves,