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DPDC Newsletter Fall 2015

Welcome Back!

We hope your first month and 1/2 have been great! The DPDC had some great workshops this summer that we hope you were able to attend. This year we will continue to offer quality professional development opportunities for everyone. Be sure to keep up to date on all things PD on our webpage:

2015 Summer Opportunites included:

  • Book Studies - Teach Like a Pirate and Help for Billy
  • Sharon Faber workshops - How to Teach Academic Vocabulary so All Students Can Remember and Reading and Writing in a Differentiated Classroom
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid
  • The Study of Mindsets
  • Using Social Media in the Classroom
  • Teaching Digital Citizenship
  • Google Bootcamp
  • The Flippin' Classroom
  • Questioning and Argumentation Strategies in the Classroom
  • Introduction to the Discovery Education Science Tech Book
#summerLS Dave Burgess Teach Like a PIRATE Challenge
Author of Teach Like a Pirate... Dave Burgess

New Teacher Orientation / Mentoring Workshop

Our new teachers and mentors were provided professional development and time to work together before school started. We would like to welcome all of our new teachers and thank our mentors for their guidance.

Designing Effective Classroom Management

Dr. Jason Harlacher was here on 9/23/15 and gave a wonderful workshop on Classroom Management. Dr. Harlacher was a school psychologist and now works with the Marzano Research Lab and teaches at the university level. Some highlights of his presentation include:

ABCs - Antecedent (what triggers the behavior?), Behavior (what is the behavior?), Consequence (what is reinforcing the problem behavior; what contributes to repeating the behavior?)

Prevent (make the problem behavior irrelevant), Teach (make the problem behavior inefficient), Reinforce (make the problem behavior ineffective)

5 principles of Classroom Management

  1. Identify and teach expectation
  2. Reinforce expectations
  3. Manage misbehavior
  4. Actively engage students
  5. Establish procedures and structures


  • No more than 5 expectations and no fewer than 3
  • Expectations are concretely defined as rules
  • Positively stated

Feedback, Praise, and Acknowledgement are Synonymous

  • Create immediate acknowledgement
  • Provide long-term/intermittent acknowledgements
  • Has to be genuine and specific

Managing Behavior

  • Misbehavior is an opportunity to reteach instead of punish.
  • Strategies include: class-wide peer tutoring, mystery motivator, chance jars, sit and watch, high probability requests, dots for motivation, timely transitions game, active supervision and precorrection, rewards target game, time-out from reinforcement, and instructional choice.
  • Student Acting Out Cycle ~ Calm, Triggers, Agitation, Acceleration, Peak, De-escalation, Recovery - click here for visual
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What Would You Like to Learn Next?

We offered some great PD this past school year based on the needs assessment survey we sent out to all of you. We'd like to do that again. We have come up with some ideas, so far, but we need your help. So, please complete the form at: and let us know what you'd be interested in. Thanks for your input!

City of St. Charles School District Professional Development Committee

2015-16 DPDC

Ashley Panhorst - Blackhurst - chairperson

Rachel Brown - Monroe - co-chairperson

Chris Hylton - Hardin - advisor

Danielle Tormala - Associate Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction

Carla Johnson - Lewis and Clark

Jon Flaxbart - SCHS

Heather Horstmann - SCW

Tanya Sanchez - Success Campus

Karen Loftus - Jefferson

Lauren Payne - Coverdell

Rebecca Ivie - Harris

Lauren Mertz - Lincoln

Lauren Keebey - Null

Randi Riggins - Instructional Services

Clarissa Beyer - Special Services

Tina Lauer - Technology