How to Become President

This could be you!

Step 1: Win the Primaries and Caucuses

To win these you have to be basically popular in your party because they vote on who they want to represent the party. The primaries are a voting that happens in private. The caucuses are a voting/discussion that happens in a big group. The winner of these will become the parties candidate in the upcoming election.

Step 2: The National Convention

In this step the parties select their presidential candidate. The candidate then chooses who they want to run as vice president with them. The candidate then campaigns throughout the country to gain majority of the people to support them.
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Step 3: General Election

The general election is the time when all the people in the United States vote for who they want to be president. If you have enough support this could be you getting voted to become president.

Step 4: Electoral College

The states vote on the president. Each state has a certain number of votes based on how many reps they have. The candidate with more than half of the votes wins. After all the voting is done the president and the vice president are sworn into office.
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Requirements before you can run:

You have to be at least 35 years old. You have to be a natural born citizen and have lived in the United States for at least 14 consecutive years.