Visiting a French Home

The do's, don'ts, and expectations

Visiting for a meal

You should bring a gift, such as candy or flowers (no chrysanthemums, they're associated with death). Never bring up age, profession, salary, or political affiliation at dinner.

A Typical French Home

Bedrooms usually don't have closets, so instead clothes are kept in armoires. The family usually just has one television, and teenagers probably won't have a phone in their room, since it costs per call in France. La salle de bains, the bathroom, has a shower or bath and a sink. There's a separate room for the toilet. Beds often have a traversin, which is a long pillow.

Accepting Compliments

When you compliment a French person on their home, they probably won't just respond with "Merci." Here are some other common responses to compliments:

Tu trouves? - You think?

C'est vrai? - Really?

Vraiment? - Really?

C'est gentil! - That's nice!

Cathedral Beau

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Notre-Dame de Chartres is a beautiful, old cathedral. It was built in the 13th century and is a stunning example of Gothic Architecture.