2016 is the year of unlimited potential and growth

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Connection, Belief and Intention Starts Right Now

Experiencing my 5th Director's Retreat last week in Napa has filled my cup with knowledge, purpose and a wonderful reminder that we are all part of something special. As a volunteer army, it's easy to ebb and flow as Stylists because the flexibility factor is what we all crave but when you realize how hard the home office is working on our behalf and how much they want us to succeed, it's empowering to want to do more and be more.

Carrie's call tonight will cover the highlights of Director's Retreat but I wanted to send you my top 3 take aways as well.

1. CONNECTION - it's imperative to your business to make a genuine connection with your hostesses, your customers, your team and yourself. Women want to feel cared for, recognized and appreciated and with this business, you can offer that each and every day.

2. BELIEF - that you are special and have what it takes to make this opportunity a positive, fulfilling component to your already busy life. We all need to remember that comparison is the thief of joy. Maybe you want to build a team but feel stuck on sponsoring or maybe you had a team and your stylists decided to pursue other opportunities and now you are back to square one. Or you enjoyed taking some time off and now want to dip your toes back in at your pace, your way. It's how you handle obstacles or choose to shift your mindset back in to S&D that will set you apart. Determination, tenacity and belief are 3 key pillars to strengthen and secure your business.

3. INTENTION - Good intentions vs. being intentional. Jessica talked a lot about living with intention. Being present, setting goals - both daily, weekly, monthly and yearly to help guide your specific and accountable intentions and if needed, readjust with constructive self analysis. It's okay to critique where you are and where you want to be as long as it's not self critical. Self analysis is healthy!!

Lastly, I kept thinking that all of you could have been at Director's Retreat with me. The 300 women who attended are no different than you or me. Their stories were inspiring but your S&D journey/story would be just as special. It's time to really think about where you want to be in 2, 4, 6 months or even by Hoopla and then set your intention, focus on it daily and stay the course with support and belief.

It goes without saying, I BELIEVE IN YOU AND I AM HERE FOR YOU!!!



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Tap into Valentines Day gifting with front loading your February!

The deadline for Valentines Day orders is February 8th. This is another great opportunity to tap into the men and help them look like a rockstar on 2/14!

Trunk show themes before V-day are cute.... "All You Need Is Love & Fabulous Accessories", or for the single ladies, how fun would it be to have a "To me, from me" Valentine's trunk show.

If you are planning to watch the Super Bowl, have the guys shop during halftime or set up an on-line mystery hostess trunk show and send all the guys you know that link and one lucky winner can give the hostess credits to his sweetheart.

Front load February! You can thank me later!!!

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Don't forget to seal the deal on sponsoring this month. Your new Stylist will benefit BIG TIME!

Love this handwritten breakdown of just how much they can earn if they join and launch in January.

2016 can be THE YEAR for our team to have focused intention to SPONSOR! Layer your income, support other women and watch their world broaden because YOU planted the seed, offered the opportunity and told them they would be fabulous as a Stylist. At Director's Retreat, Danielle asked how did you hear about S&D and 90% of the Stylists raised their hand when the answer was "at a trunk show". Just remember that the next time you meet someone at a trunk show!!!

Don't forget, anyone who sponsors by the end of this month or books another January trunk show is entered to win a bottle of Cakebread from Napa!

TUNE IN TONIGHT! You won't want to miss it!

Reminder of our Director-Led Team Call Tonight! Join in the discussion of movement

8pm ET / 7pm CT / 5pm PT


Access Code: 372-858

Honored to be your Director! Thank you for all you do!

Pretty please, with sugar on top, please use our FB Divas Unite Page to ask/answer questions, give kudos, share tips/tactics that have worked. It was created to be used as a forum for our team and frankly, I am tired of seeing my name on the page all the time! Please let me know if you have ideas on how to improve the page or what you want from the FB page.

Also, I will be starting 2 focus groups for our team. One for those who want to reach Associate Stylist in 90 days and one for those who want to reach Star by Hoopla. No experience necessary, just drive and focus! Please email or FB message me if you are interested - planning to start the groups on Sunday, January 31st.



(picture is of Julie and me at Artessa Vineyards in Napa!)