Our Virtual Learning Environment

Launch of our new online learning website this week!

Welcome To Our VLE

We are pleased to launch our new Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for our children this week.

As previously communicated, we have been exploring a number of online virtual learning environment over the past year and have selected a product from eSchools. The system has been chosen for its simplicity, ease of use, and functionality. It meets the needs of all of our children, from Prep 1 to Grade 6 and provides parents the ability to login and see information for all of their children using the one login.

The eSchools VLE provides us with a secure way to share information and resources. Moving forward we will use the VLE to:

  • set and distribute home learning (called 'homework' on this system)
  • share calendars
  • share files
  • enable a better link for school and home learning with project resources
  • have a classroom noticeboard - the 'dashboard'
  • enable student and class chat and discussions
  • provide personal blog spaces for each child.

We will be gradually introducing aspects of eSchools to classes over the coming term. The VLE enables us to connect online in a secure environment where the children can chat with each other, share ideas and upload and share documents.

Homework can now be seen online through eSchools.

Commencing this week, all home learning from class and specialist teachers will be posted through the VLE. Learning activities will also be sent home through the usual channels. The VLE provides a one stop place for parents to check and retrieve what has been set for home learning, to check deadlines and retrieve PDF copies of learning materials.

Please login this weekend and visit the site with your child.

eSchools is a secure environment which requires each child to have their own login. A login and password in the form of a 4 digit PIN will be sent to you via a separate email. In case of forgotten login IDs - the change password service will not work until all children have their own Gmail accounts. In the meantime class teachers will have access to the password list.

Please login to the site using the link above or through www.sjiies.eschools.co.uk

Your child's username will be in the format of firstname.familyname

The School Calendar

You can now find the school calendar on our vle. Whole school events and class specific events will be shown. Now that we have a secure website, our calendar will show all events in detail, including expeditions, class visits and sporting events.

The calendar sends information to specific groups, some events will therefore only appear if you have an involvement in that group. For example, a parent with a child in Prep1 will not see information for Grade 6.

The eSchools Parent Pages

There will be a separate login for parents, which will be sent home once all of our students have successfully logged in.

Limiting Time Online

We do not expect to see our students online late at night or for extended periods of time.

Children should not be active on the VLE after 8 pm during term time as they need to be rested for the next school day.


All of your child's activity online can be seen by the class teacher and staff involved with the management of the vle. This will help us to ensure that all of our children are benefiting appropriately from the system.

Showing The Virtues Online

The Virtues are the cornerstone of our Character Education Programme and we have an expectation that all of our children use the virtues online as well as in school and at home. A phrase that we often use with our children is:

Don't just know it, choose to show it!

Here are some core online virtues that we need to remember to use:




Self discipline



As class teachers and administrators we will be working alongside the children online. We will not be checking every comment before it is posted live on the site. Please remind your child of the virtues above and how they can be shown online.

Pause and Think

The VLE will be a busy place, with lots of visitors and lots of work taking place in various groups. Sometimes we need to pause and think when online, to make sure that we are making the right decisions. The little video below can be a useful one to watch to remind your child to pause and think, use their head and heart.

Pause & Think Online

Coming Soon - Google Apps For Education Accounts

Over the coming weeks we will be registering all of our children with Gmail Education Accounts. Login information will be sent to you as and when your child's account goes live.

These accounts will managed by the school and will enable your child to have access to Google Cloud services which include:

  • Google Docs, Sheets and Slides (word-processor, spreadsheet and online presenter)
  • Google Drive for file storage
  • Gmail for sharing files and sending emails.

Once logged in, your child will be able to access other online web services provided by the school, as and when they become available, by using their Gmail details as a login.

Google Apps for Education will be used in general class time and in our specialist lessons where Mr Azadi and Mr Rayner are working alongside teachers on learning activities, all around the school, inside and outside.

As a faculty, we have been actively using Google Apps since last August, it is now time for it to become an essential tool for our students as well.

It's an exciting time as we work towards expanding our children's experiences through a greater connection with technology as a tool for learning.

The short video below provides a brief intro to Google Apps for Education (GAFE).

Google for Education 101 (in 101 seconds)