Video game designer

They take PLAYER VS PLAYER to the next level!!!


Video games are part of an American life and have worked their way into many's hearts and become a part in their daily life!!

Day to Day activities

One expert says "With game design there isn't a general day-to-day activity that you would find in most jobs. It really depends on what point in the project you are on."

Special school?... I think not!

You only need the regular schooling and you need to know how to use a 3d modeling programs, levels editors, and Photoshop.


You need to communicate effectively and make sure that everybody on the team understands what your vision is on the game.


You have to use creativity all the time throughout the job. When designing you have to use a lot of creativity in making the best graphics possible.

Best critical thinking

You need to use critical thinking all day/every day on the job.