Panther Spirit

Norfolk Junior High By: Kamila Carrion

Little Miss Muffet Gets Lost in The Woods!

One great afternoon at 3:00 pm on May 15, 2015, it starts off quiet in the land of Englandlebob. When Little Miss Muffet was at her house making a wonderful soup of curds. It filled the house with delight as the sent creeped out of the house, and it goes into the forest waking up a spider named Henry. The Hobo spider Henry was so delighted with the scent, he had to follow it. He woke up with his long furry legs and started to take his trip to Little Miss Muffet’s house. As Miss Muffet was finishing up her curds, her best friends Lilly and Gorge arrived. Gorge was a boy who liked to fool around and brought a fake spider with him all the time to scare Little Miss Muffet, so as she was eating her curds, he scared her and she dropped her favorite soup . Little Miss Muffet got so mad, her face was as red as a tomato and Gorge’s smile dropped and Little Miss Muffet yelled at him saying, “You clean this soup up and get out of my house.” As he did, Little Miss Muffet cooled down with a cold banana split smoothie. Henry apologies and pleads for her forgiveness. Little Miss Muffet said, “You can stay as long as you want, but don't bring that silly old spider here again”.

“Okay,” Gorge said with a low tone voice.

As Henry took a last turn to get on Miss Muffet’s sidewalk, he said, “This must be where that scent came from.” When Henry pushed through the door, he crawled on the wall and Little Miss Muffet raged and look at Gorge and said, “I said no more spiders,” Little Miss Muffet puffed.

“Um, that’s not my spider. Mine’s right here,” Gorge said with a frightening face. Little Miss Muffet gathered her dress and scrambled out of the house screaming. The moral of this story is don't make curds if you live by a forest.

Seth Lane The Bubble Boy

A 5-year-old boy stuck to a hospital room due to a rare immune disorder is asking people to wear yellow in a show of support before his next operation, and the response on social media has been overwhelming, his family says.Seth has connected with Youtube to get his story out and to see if his family will be able to fill his hospital bed room with the pictures of people who participated and to make him feel better about the operation. If you saw his video on Youtube, there was 272,302 views about his story. If you decide to go see Seth Lane, then you have to scrub your hands, wear a plastic apron and you can't have any viruses not even a cold sore. He is very, very prone to infections. As the days pass, Seth has his birthday party and turns 5 years old. He can only leave the hospital if his daily check-ups are okay. His family is having a hard time catching up with the medical bills so their friend Jade Ruthven set up a website called for a fundraiser to help his caring family out. If SCID is detected early enough and a bone marrow transplant is done, the survival rate is about 95%, Routes said. If the disorder is detected later on and the child has already begun to get sick, success rate of a transplant goes down to approximately 60-65%, he said. He asked supporters to wear his favorite color on March 27, before he undergoes a second bone marrow operation, and post the photos online with the hashtag #WearYellowForSeth. You can post it anywhnere on social media, as long as you put the # on you post. His mother Leanne, said she and the boy’s father Nik, will also place a pin in a map in his room for every place from which they receive a photo.

The bad news here is that the doctors guarantee that he will not make it through the next four months.

Favorite App

Mr.Jump is a game that sky rocketed with 6 million downloads so far, and was the dream for three men. The game is so addicting and can never get your eyes off the screen. Millions of copies got shipped out on opening day.Mr. Jump a France-based Indie studio. There are 12 levels. I'm hardly on level 2. There are also many levels that are soon to come out. Mr. Jump is so addicting, it’s becoming like Flappy Bird. For several months, there was a heavy influence on the entire iOS market from the players, to the media, to the developers and publishers themselves. It only gets harder from there. The game has subsequent stages introducing new twists that raise the difficulty even higher. I'm not going to talk about them much, because a lot of the fun in games like these, comes from the game surprising you with those things, but trust me, you'll be dealing with new hazards and tricks all the way up to the end. Mr Jump has a very specific appeal to it. I'm sure you can tell right away whether it's your thing or not. If you enjoy frustrating action games where you have to fight tooth and nail to move past almost every obstacle, you're going to have a blast here. I doubt that the aspect of the game will have anyone complaining unless they’re dying.


Now on the run from Jeanine and the rest of the power hungry Erudites, Tris and Four search for allies and answers in the ruins of Chicago. They must find out why Tris's family sacrificed their lives to protect and why the Erudites will do anything to stop them. Side by side, Tris and Four face one seemingly insurmountable challenge after another, as they unravel the secrets of the past and ultimately the future of their world. Tris and Four fight for their freedom, their right to live, their life to live freely and speak freely. The leader Jeanine, has taken that freedom away to get her own right. Four is the leader of his own pack trying to seek revenge on Jeanine to give back the right to live on the right foundation that has been before.

Favorite Prank

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Kamila Carrion Autobiography

Kamila Carrion attended Norfolk High School. She played volleyball and was in yearbook. For her young years, she got a job at Rue21 for two years after making enough money for a car and college. She studied at CSU to become a veterinarian. For her first job after college, she helped at hospitals and animal shelters. For her continuous job, she had a compassion for animals and became a veterinarian at Pet MD. As she continued her life, she was very fit for a 40 years old. She was a short skinny brunette and had a very great addiction to making new food. A couple of years passed by, and she found the right man after college, and when she was 27 she had cute babies, which are now great children and love to be by her. Mia has one girl and two boys. Kamila had a big transition from Norfolk, Nebraska to Bellevue, Washington. For now, she is a great veterinarian and works part-time at her own bakery and MamaMias Bakery Parlor. For her hobbies she is a compassionate writer and a family person. Mia is always outside with her husband and kids. For her future plans, she wants to retire and work some time at her bakery. She would want to travel with her family to Hawaii and the Grand Canyon.