Pride and Prejudice

By Shaneece Neal :)

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Love poems

Darcy -

Spontaneous, witty, intelligent and beautiful,

Elizabeth Bennett, i think i like her.

I can tell she doesn't like me right now.

I hope I'm not a blur.

There are other women in my social class,

But they are not what i prefer.

She rejected my proposal instantly,

But i cannot let that sadden me.

Time passes by and

I think that is it time to give it another try.

Elizabeth is now my wife. :)

Elizabeth -

Non-gentleman like by first impression,

handsome with plenty of possession.

His name is Mr. Darcy. I do not like him,

but by the way he looks at me with a grim

I can tell he likes me. His Comments

are not kind and are full of nonsense.

I can't believe such a guy could ask

me to marry him.

After awhile i gave it some time.

I think i really like Darcy,

I say yes and now I am his wife.

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Book Review

Shaneece Neal

English IV

Mrs. Dearman

14 November 2013

Pride and Prejudice Book Review

Pride and Prejudice is a really great novel to me. At first when we started reading it I thought it was going to be a boring book. It started off slow but once I started to get into more of the story it got more interesting and deep. I personally think that is why some of us had troubles getting into it since it started off slow. Most novels that we read in school are terribly boring but i will have to say that Pride and Prejudice has to be one of the best.

I think people should read Pride and Prejudice because it teaches people that there is more to marriage than money. It teaches us that you should not judge people before you get to know the real them. Marry for a person and their personality, not whether they have money or not. It can also teach us about inequality and not to give up. For example, in the novel Darcy proposed to Elizabeth two times. The first time she rejected it. Darcy still never gave up from there. He asked her one more time and she proudly agreed. It also teaches you how things were back in the late 18th century. They cared a lot about their social class. In the story is shows how Darcy did not care as much of his social class by how he was willing to propose to Elizabeth even though it would degrade his own high social class to do so. His feelings showed that he really did like her and that was all that mattered. I think that everyone should read this novel so they can see how differently people in the 18th century married and lived.

Pride and Prejudice is such an informative novel that has an amazing moral. I personally think i enjoyed the novel because I am a fan of romance stories. I am glad that we got a chance to read it at school. I heard much about the novel before but it is much better in your own eyes when you actually read it.