Texas Association of Animal Therapy

Bringing a friend to those in need.

Our Goals ~

> Relieve loneliness

> Provide companionship and comfort

> Fuel motivation

> Safety from bully, procrastination, and other common problems

> Provide a home Andre purpose for animals

Membership ~

Dues: $10/month

Benefits: One of our classic shirts, an accessory for your pet, a month's supply of food for your pet, and self satisfaction.

A perfect way to find companionship.

Guaranteed to bring instant joy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of animals does the organization provide?

> We have anything from goldfish to horses. Dogs, cats, rabbits, snakes, pigs, goats...you name it.

Where do the animals come from.

> Our organization uses animals in shelters all over Texas. When you request an animal, we find the shelter closest to you to help find and fulfill your need.