Esperanza Cruz

My Life

My Family Heritage

I have a very small family yet we are very close . My dad's parents are from San Luis Mexico and my mom's parents are from Dallas Texas . My main language is English when I am with my mother , but when I go to my dads I speak English with a little Spanish . We celebrate Christmas , Halloween , and Thanksgiving like any other family .

Personal Life

What I really like to do is take photos of everything and be outside adventuring . Also when I am not in school you can find me either at Sixflags or Hurricane harbor because me and my family have season passes .

My favorite subject in school is ELAR because I really enjoy reading and writing .

My GOALS for this year !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • To pass math STAR and get commended
  • Make all A's in ELAR
  • To get a perfect attendance

Future Goals

  • To go to the University Of Arlington
  • To finish High school
  • To be successful in life

Learning Style

I learn by gathering up details and creating a image or real life situation in my head . So if someone is trying to teach me something they have to give me a lot of details about the problem or subject . If someone is just telling me something and not giving me details it makes it really hard for me to understand the subject .