An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge

A man is being hanged, but, could there still be hope?


The conflict in this story is that a man is being hanged. He is being hanged for causing mischief around an army out post. The man has a wife and a family and he is trying to figure out a way to slip out of the noose and go back and see them.

Plot Line


This story begins with a man about to be hanged. He is trying to come up with an escape plan.

Rising action:

As they slip the boards away and the man begins to hang, the rope breaks and suddenly there is hope. As he lands in the water, he makes his escape running through the trees dodging bullets and cannon balls. He finally arrives home and as he sees his wife something goes wrong.


The man hears a sharp crack and realizes that he was dreaming and his neck just broke and then he dies. This is where the story ends.

Imaginative Language

The author used a ton of imaginative language in this story. He used it to create a very good picture of what the situation was and also what the main character was facing when he was making his escape. This helped me get more into the story because I could understand the situation that the character was in.


The Theme of this story is never give up no matter how desperate things may seem. The man is about to be hanged and he still never gave up. He was always thinking and planning his next move, how he was going to get back to his family. I find this a very admirable trait. It is a very strong trait because he has a very strong need to get back to his family and this is what drives his strength to never give up.