Allyse Novasel's Smore

Science per. 6

30 Hands Project

Doing this project, I learned that the world is in more danger than it may seem. I learned that if we keep burning fossil fuels and emitting gases in the atmosphere, we can make Global warming even worse and can destroy many homes for animals. I enjoyed that we could create all the slides like how we wanted and decorate the project how we wanted to.

Invention Convention

Our Invention is a solar panel treadmill. This solves the environmental problem of emitting fossil fuels into the air, which causes pollution. We are also cutting down the amount of energy by using the solar panels, which using less energy. Our invention solves this problem by using solar panels instead of a plug, because solar energy doesn't cause pollution.

Earthquake PBL

this project is was about creating a stable house that can with stand earthquakes. The driving question was: how can we, as structural engineers, construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity? We had do make a group of people and create a house that would withstand a shake table, so we had to create many blueprints. In this project, i learned how important it is to work as a group and learn how to deal with many problems (such as running out of material).
time lapse of us creating the house

Extra credit Paragraph

My favorite unit this year was unit 5: The Atmosphere. I liked this unit the most because we did many projects in this unit, which was really fun. I learned a lot about the atmosphere and what its made out of, and even how we are changing it! My favorite activity was the padlet activity because it was really fun working with new people.