Walmart portal

By: Drew Santiago B1


One cloudy day four boys Jalen,Julio,Mandell, and Drew had to go to walmart to pick up some chips and drinks for a party . Mandell thought it would be fun to jump in the ball pit for the bouncy balls. Once he jumped in he disapeared .

Rising Action/Climax

Mandell did not return so Julio and Jalen jumped in after him Drew started to get a little worried, So Drew decided to jump in also. Once he jumped in he was in another dimension Drew found Julio,Mandell,and Jalen at a local space Diner."What is this place?"asked Drew."This is the planet of the bouncy balls." looking similar to earth the people are different well there not people they are aliens.
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Falling action/Resolution

After a while the four boys decided it was time to go back to earth. So the four boys asked a local map director on how to get back to earth. They found a portal that was labeled earth and decided to jump in. They were back in walmart where it all started. The boys realized the time did not change. The four boys went on with their night like nothing happened.
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