Boston Bombing


How it all happend

April 15,2013 was the 117th running of the Boston Marathon, the worlds oldest annual marathon. The marathon began in hopkinton,West of Boston with 23,000 participants roughly or more.How the race worked was they would have certain "waves" of people to start the race at different times and each different time a new "wave" would go and start the race.The marathon was 26.2-mile course, which traveled through 8 Bay State towns and cities.

After the first person passed the finish line of the Boston marathon there were still a lot of people trying to finish. At 2;49 that day and with "5,600 runners still in the race two pressure-cooker-bombs- packed with shrapnel and other materials and hidden in backpacks that were placed on the ground throughout the crowds of the Boston Marathon." Then within seconds of each other the bombs went off.along side of the finish line.

After the bombs went off a lot of people started falling and many people occurred with an injury and some deaths because of these bombs."We were devastated and were scared and it was such a shocker" One women saidThere were at least 3 deaths caused by the bombs in the Boston Marathon that day.And over sixteen people became amputees. After a few days they found some suspects of who might have did the crime. It turns out to be a mom and a daughter from islam and a son.Tamerlan Tsarnev was one of the suspects she later then died with a gun battle with the police and her brother was charged with building and planting the two pressure cooker bombs that exploded near the marathons he also pleaded guilty.

The experiments

In the Stanley Milgram experiment doctors were asking random people to come in and take a test. The whole experiment was to test to see how far the people would go thinking each time they answered a question or got a question wrong they would shock a person and each time they got a question wrong the power voltage of the shock would go higher to shock the person behind the other wall.

Little did these multiple people know they weren't really shcoking anyone.They recorded a mans voice of him scream or screeching when he would get "shocked" when the person got the wrong answer. And when a person started to feel bad on how much they were shocking the person behind the wall they would look at the doctor and say how they didn't like shocking the person at a high voltage. And all the doctor would say was please continue the test. And nothing more.

Some people went all the way to the end of the shocking voltages and some didn't have the guts. Some felt bad and had a bad feeling for the person being shocked because they have more sorry feelings for them as there being shocked.So two people did not finish the test and the rest did. And when they found out they weren't really shocking people they got told this test was for an experiment about how far another human being will go when an authority figure orders them to hurt another human being.


This and the boston bombing have a connection sort of. The boston bombing required the people to put these bombs there because they had hatred on that town because of someone they knew.And this they were trying to see how far human beings would go to hurt others. Some gave out and some gave in with the experiment And like the boston bombing they went for it they didn't care that they were hurting other humans just like them.

Some people don't care when they're hurting others.The women in the Milligram experiment asked "Can I stop" And all he said was please continue the experiment. And she continued. And with the boston bombing they were saying go plant these bombs. Go set them where they can go off and scare people. So they did. They listened to someone who told them what to do. And they gave in. Tsarneva the woman from the Bostin Bombing to a women she had "People who can go over there and put a bomb on you"

This lead to something bad. To hurting others that did not harm to them. But in the end it's all about listing to the authority and what they have to say. And how you go through with it or back out.In the milligram experiment he didn't force her to finished he just said go on. And with the Boson bombing they could have said no and not have placed the bombs.