Mrs. James' Class News

February 8th, 2016

Report Cards are now visible on the Parent Portal! Please make sure to check them out at your earliest convenience. Let me know if you have questions.

Academic Recommendations for Henley will be posted by the end of next week (February 18th). These recommendations will be made for both Math and Reading. We take a variety of things into consideration when making this recommendations. Please ask questions if you have them about the recommendations made. It is your option to override our recommendation and change it if you wish. Please contact Mr. Crouch if you would like to receive an override form.

Thank you everyone for all of the boxes and cardboard. We have plenty and will begin building our freedom boxes tomorrow! The kids are very excited.

We will have a quick Valentine's celebration at 12:45ish on Friday. Students may bring in Valentine cards to exchange if they would like.

Civil War Test - Friday, February 12th.

See below for pictures of the art activity from last week. The original is the first picture and the second two are the student versions.

Have a great week everyone!