Bolivarian Revolution

Megan Whitley & Macy Carrick

When & Where

  • When: around 1807-1815
  • Where: Venezuela

What caused it?

  • France invades Spain and it's colonies, most of which are in South America
  • Napoleon Bonaparte names Joseph Bonaparte king of Spain, Spain's colonies are now under French control
  • South American colonies were unable to vote on their own officlas in the mother contry
  • Venezuela's prominent voice Simon Bolivar wanted South America like North America
  • The South American colonies wanted their independence from Europe

Who was involved?

  • Simon Bolivar (military leader) and Spain's colonies in South America vs. The Spanish
  • Bolivar wanted independence for South America
  • South American colonies wanted a union of states, like the U.S
  • The Spanish wanted control and money from their colonies

Results & Lasting Effects

  • Bolivar has united much of South America
  • The colonies are no longer under Spanish rule
  • The South American colonies were liberated
  • Due to Bolivar being the dictator of Venezuela they are still under a dictatorship today

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