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The beginning

The beginning of the book is the most boring but after 10 pages you will like the book a hole lot more. And at the very beginning max the main charictor is called kicker because he likes to kick people because he thinks hugging is for lame babies. At this time max is in kindergarten. And this is when he meets his soon to be best friend. His name is Kevin but people called him freak because he has a growing disability. So his outsides do not grow but inside they are growing. Read the book to find out what happens.

freak the mighty

Freak the mighty is a book that will make your heart stop when you finish and you don't want to put the book down.Lets get to it

Freak is a boy named Kevin and he has a growing disability that makes him no taller than like 3 feet tall. On the other hand he has a friend that is named max he has a learning disability so he is not very smart. They are the best friends nothing can separate them Kevin likes to ride on maxes shoulders. And together they are the 9 feet tall giant that will be called freak the mighty.

freak the mighty

Grim is maxes grandpa he and gram tack care of max because maxes father Maxwell Kane killed his mom and got put in jail for a long time. So that is why he tacks care of max for the rest of his life. And grim and gram are really old like 86 and 85.