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Where is coal found?

Some of the coal reserves in the world are found in the United States, Russia, China, Australia and India. In these countries coal is found at the bottom of the ocean.

How is coal formed?

Coal was formed when giant plants and ferns died and they went to the ocean bed, then over millions of years dirt and water piled on the plants then it eventually formed coal.

How is coal used?

The most significant uses of coal are in steel production, liquid steel. Also its a good source of heat and electricity.

What cool facts and statistics can you find?

Coal is mined in 27 United States. Coal powers 40 percent of the earth's electricity.

What is one innovative or alternative energy form you discovered?

Solar energy is one innovative energy source because when the sun is out the solar panels collect the sun energy which is an easy renewable resource.
Coal 101: What's Wrong with Coal?

Coal 101

This video tells about what is wrong with coal and how it damages our life.