Techie Tidbits

Term 3 Week 8

Don't want students exiting the game/app that w=you have them working on? Did you know you can lock students into the app. Its so simple. And it prevents students from roaming around your iPad, changing settings, accessing your email & messages, or just playing other games. Follow the steps in the pictures.



For everyone who loves post-it notes. You can use this to stick on notes, photos, videos and files.

Possibilities are limitless. These are some ideas...

* During/after reading, use stickies to note down new vocab or VIPs. Add definitions or photos to describe the new vocal.

* Before reading, use it to brainstorm Background knowledge.

* Use it to summarise learning during a specific topic. Allow students access (make it public) so they can review at home.

* Students could use it to present knowledge about a topic.

* Students could create a portfolio during the year or term of work they are proud of, memories, photos, videos.

* Art: Scan/take photos of students work to create an online portfolio.

* Art: Make a collage

* Brainstorming/mind-mapping activities

Click on the button below to take you to the website.

Watch this lino video

lino - Sticky and Photo Sharing for you
Check out

There is so much to explore including timers, spinners, game generators, online diagrams, etc.

Couple of my favourites:

Fakebook- create a fake Facebook page - for a fictional character, or perhaps Captain Cook?

Twister- create a fake Tweet for a character

Timeline creator

Worth exploring!

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