Roald Dahl

Biographical background!

Roalds early life

On September 13, 1923 the world welcomed a fantastic author. Shorty after Dahl was born his younger sister Else entered the world and the Dahls packed up and moved to Radyr in 1918. During the 1920's the Doahl family entered many hardships including the loss of Harold and Astri. The lugubrious family welcomed another child Asta. In the 1930's Dahl began working for the company shell oil and later on in 1939 Roald joined the Royal Airforce after the outbreak of World War two. After his brutal plane crash in 1940 he went and began working on the Gremling and publishes a story in April 1943. The great history of Roald Dahl began.

Later years

As Dahls child hood comes to an end he begins to shape his future. In 1951 Roald meets his future wife, the American actress Patricia Neal. Roald Dahl then became married to Neal at age thirty seven in New York 1953. Four years later his first child a girl named Tessa is born. Fast forward three years later and Dahl has another child this time a son named Theo is born and shortly after Roald Dahl published one of his first famous short story kiss kiss. Then his first famous childrens book is published James in the Giant Peach. Many more famous books would be realesed years later such as fantastic Mr. Fox, Willy Wonka, and the publication of Uncle Oswalt.

Most popular books.

The career

Hear is a video recapping Roald Dahl's amazing career.
Roald Dahl Biography and Interview