Babysitting Safety

by Jessica Schmitz and Jennifer Cluckey 7th hour

Introduction to Babysitting

The majority of babysitters in the United States start at the age of 11. At this age many kids take babysitting courses to familiarize themselves with taking care of another human being. This requires lots of responsibility and effort. Many people don't realize all the safety precautions babysitters have to take for a safe visit. Although these precautions may seem overwhelming, in the end it all pays off.

Prevention Statements

  • have parents, child's doctor and poison control all handy while at the house
  • make sure all small pieces are picked up off of the floor
  • have any medication instructions written down
  • know the parents rules
  • be sure to know where fire escapes or tornado hideouts are
  • keep all outlets closed
  • if baby is sleeping check on him/ her every 15 min or so
  • always know where a fire extinguisher is and a First Aid Kit

Statistics and facts

  • Of all 11-13 year old babysitters 98% of them know who to contact during an emergency
  • 92% of pre-teen babysitters know where the First Aid Kit is
  • Only 64% of pre-teen babysitters actually know where the fire extinguisher is
  • 40% of younger babysitters have left children unsupervised
  • 20% of younger babysitters have opened the door to stangers