December 2015

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Seasons Greetings from Your Media Center

A lot to come and do in the Media Center this season. Call down to use the mini iPads with your class, get a refresher course on how to use My Brainpop, read a story in the story corner, or sit and hang out in the Lounge by the 'Fire' with sounds of the season playing in the background.

Author Visit

Lisa Maggiore, author of Ava the Monster Slayer, will be here Dec. 11. Check your email for the schedule. She will have signed copies of her book for sale after each class presentation for $15.00. The Media Center has several copies of her book. Make sure to check it out and read it to your class if they aren't familiar with the book.

Grades 3 - 5 Bluestem Baseball

Bluestem Baseball will have it's 1st Opening Season in a few weeks. Keep an eye on your email for details. Basically, any student who has read at least 1 Bluestem Book will be eligible to play. I am so excited for this activity, the kids are going to love it!
Bluestem Book Trailers

Here is a link to ALL the Bluestem Book Trailers.

K-3 Special Guest Reading Marisol McDonald and the Clash Bash

We will have a Special Guest help Read Marisol McDonald and the Clash Bash. This is one of this year's Monarch Nominated Books. You're not going to want to miss hearing this story with you class. Keep an eye out for a sign up.
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