The Sir Henry Parkes Memorial PS Weekly Staff Memo

And We're Off!

I have to say I am most impressed with the dedication of this staff! I have been in at various hours over the weekend and was nicely surprised by how many people were here working away. THANKYOU! Our job most certainly is not a 9-3 job. Your hard work is appreciated. A note about dogs..If you are bringing your dog with you to school, please ensure it is contained in your room and you clean up after it - either inside or outside - if it happens to go to the toilet. I would prefer dogs weren't here regularly, but am ok with occasional visits - (I had mine here on Saturday).

I hope those who attended the show on the weekend had a great time - the highlight for me was the smash up derby!

Have a great week everyone, keep up the awesome work!

What's happening This Week?

Monday 8-2-16

  • Armajun Health hearing screening

  • Leadership Pathway Meeting (Previously called 'Executive Mtgs') 3:15-4:15pm

Tuesday 9-2-16

  • STAFF MEETING - 3:15-4:15pm

  • P&C Mtg 5:30pm

Wednesday 10-2-16

  • LST meeting 3:15pm

Thursday 11-2-16

  • Parent induction meeting 5pm

Friday 12-2-16

  • PBL team meeting 7:45am for an 8 am sharp start


A reminder that Belinda Hollit is here above establishment this term from Mingoola PS. Belinda's days are still being set

Performance and Development Framework

This animation outlines the characteristics and components of an effective culture and cycle as part of the Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework.