Gardner Summer Course Update #2

June 17, 2015 (Issue 2)

All Students/Parents should read through this flyer each week to stay current with the course.

This Week's Summer Success Tip

Use the activities in the course and on the review page before taking a quiz.

The questions found in the activities and the study guides may also in our quiz and test bank.

Watch this Quick Video About Your Summer Course

Summer Crash Course

Note: Please skip discussions that are locked

I have locked many discussions. This has been done to save you work time. Focus on assignments and quizzes that are required. Be sure to look at your schedule to see which assignments and quizzes are required and which are optional.
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End of Week: Check Grades and Read Feedback!

Grades are updated by the teacher daily. Zeros are entered for missing assignments from the student's schedule. Students and parents should review grades and notify the teacher of any issues. Students are encouraged to turn in missing work for partial credit according to GaVS late policy to the right. (Click picture to see details.)

Feedback is provided for every assignment in the course that will help you improve your weak areas or provide you with additional study help on those topics. Read your feedback to see this valuable information I am communicating to you.

Biology example that applies to English

Viewing Assignment Feedback

Did you miss the welcome chat? Watch it here!

Important News and Tips:

Have you been sick?

If you have been sick and have a doctor's note, please read all of the details below. You must have a note to apply for a deadline extension on your work.