Collins Corner

September 19, 2016

Important Dates

September 22 - Early Release Day

September 23 - Community Project due

October 6 - Field Trip to Lexington County Museum

Please note...

  • Community projects are due this Friday! Please help your child practice presenting their presentation.
  • We had a great visit with grandparents today! It was very interesting to discuss what school was like when they were growing up and compare it to school today.

Language Arts

The spelling pattern this week is /ea/ which makes the long E sound, as well as /oa/ which makes the long o sound. Today, we discussed the rhyme "when two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking."

In reading, we will be using information gained from illustrations and words to demonstrate understanding of its characters, setting (where and when the story takes place) and plot. We will practice completing story maps with this information.


Today we reviewed for the Chapter 1 math test which will be given tomorrow. Your child will have a review sheet for homework.

Wednesday, we will begin Chapter 2 in My Math. Chapter 2 involves skip counting, which is a very important skill for second graders to master, because it is the foundation for repeated addition and multiplication. Our goal is to make sure students truly understand repeated addition and that they can clearly represent it with manipulatives and in pictures, as well as be able to make arrays.


Social Studies

This week we will discuss laws and rules in communities, and Officer Minemier will be speaking to our class about his role in the community. For those of you new to Lake Murray Elementary, Officer Minemier is our resource officer. We will also be discussing what natural resources are, and what natural resources we have here in our community.