Leopold Socha

Created by: Graci Grupa!!!

How he is a hero from the Holocaust!!

Who was Leopold Socha?????

Leopold was a sewage inspector who hid twenty one jews in sewage canals (where he worked.) He was born on August 18th 1909 in a poor city called Lw'ow. He worked for the sanitary department (and secretly was a burglar thief!!!!!!)

How did he help??????????

Socha was working in a sewer one day in a Ghetto called Aktion (a ghetto) and then he saw a group of jews walking towards the effluent (liquid waste or sewage discharged into a river or sea) and so he stopped them and helped them and without his help they would have all died. He saved 21 of the Jews.

How long????

He kept 21 people in the sewer for 13 months!!! only ten of the 21 survived. :(

After the war!!!!!!

How was his life?????

When the war was done he went back to his regular life until the day of May 12th 1946, he was riding a bike with his daughter and then a soviet union truck came. He pushed his daughter out of the way and it ran him over.He died because of it.

What I learned from Leopold

I learned that if you have done bad earlier in your life, its never too late to do good!!!!!