Nike Wave Cap

"Just me"

Come try our new line of wave caps

Not following trends and sticking with a low cut? We praise you for your choice and therefore have introduced our new product. We're launching our new wave line with the slogan "Just me" for the people who are truly being there self. Our wave cap is guaranteed to give you 360 waves in just a few weeks. It's made with expensive polyester making it a unique wave cap. This appeals for any age as long as your trying to get waves. This product is usually favored by young black males and cost $10 to be created. It's at an amazing price for $18 for a pack of three wave caps!

Available at various Nike locations

This product is available at the Nike factory store or Nike outlets. This product is not sold anywhere else so get it while you can because stock is limited!

Our product has been used by many big stars

Celebrities such as Chris Brown, Trey Songs, and Bow Wow have used our product and have had tremendous results.

The Best for the very best

Your friends from Nike have decided you loyal customers deserve much more so why not reward our buzz cut firends.