Trojan Times

By: Principal Dufrene

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Greetings Hampshire Nation,

Can you believe we are into our fifth week of school? We have been faced with so many changes, but I am so proud of how well our students and staff continue to battle through the challenges each day.

Last Friday, we experienced our first Blended Learning Day that gave our teachers valuable time to reach out to all students, especially ones that are struggling, allowed our virtual learners to connect with their teachers via TEAMS sessions, and our in person learners had the opportunity to catch up, review, and relearn various lessons from the week. One teacher shared with me, "today was exactly what the teachers needed. This teacher can finally get a good night's sleep." Needless to say, it was great getting an email like this knowing that we are doing the best we can to support our staff and students during these tough times.

Students and parents/guardians, this Wednesday, October 7th we will issue Progress Reports to all students. Virtual learners will have their Progress Report mailed home. Parents/guardians please get involved and stay connected by logging into Schoology to check our your child's academic progress. Remember, this first Progress Report means the first semester classes are 25% completed. The first nine weeks ends on November 5th which means first semester classes will be 50% completed. If your child currently has a D or F in any class, please make sure they reach out to their teacher for additional support. Most poor grades are due to missing assignments which results in a zero. Now that we have our Blended Learning Fridays, all assignments should be completed and turned in for grading. Students, if there is a reason why you are unable to complete an assignment, please contact your teacher as soon as you can to discuss the situation.

Hey, it's Homecoming Week at HHS! Due to COVID-19 we had to modify our homecoming events, but we are committed to having fun this week so we encourage students and staff to get involved...dress up days, door and car decorating contest. We are working on details for a mini pep rally and recognition of our Homecoming Court. The Homecoming Dance will be postponed and we hope to have it later this school year.

Our team is working on finalizing the details for upcoming SAT and PSAT testing. Once finalized, we will communicate to our students, staff, and families.

Monday, October 12th is a Non-Tradition Instructional/Faculty Senate Day, which means students do not report to school, but it will be a virtual learning day for all students from home.

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Hampshire Highlights...

- Great creativity and engagement by Mrs. Maxwell's Biology students with the Marshmallow Challenge!!! 1st Block winning team was Breanna Jenkins & Jacob Staub with a structure of

7 1/2"; 2nd Block winning team was Jonathan Moreland & Nathan Sions with 26" (best structure overall); and 4th Block winning team was Riley Jones & Mason Hott...well done everyone!

- A BIG shoutout to Coach Lipps, the Girls & Boys Cross Country Teams, Mr. Stewart, and all the volunteers that made for a great day as we hosted the Buffalo Wild Wings Cross Country Meet on Saturday!!! Congrats to the girls for their 3rd place team finish and the boys for their 4th place team finish!

- Welcome back Ms. Fuller, assistant principal!

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This Week @HHS...

- Monday> "Get Up & Go" Day (class counts in the morning before 1st block); Door Decorating Contest (must be completed by 4pm); Complete daily health self-assessment each morning; Get off to a strong start for the week; JV Football at Keyser 7pm; Girls & Boys JV Soccer postponed.

- Tuesday> "Mathletes vs Athletes" Day (class counts in morning before 1st block); No events scheduled; All staff and students must be off campus by 7pm due to road work.

- Wednesday> "Camo vs Hippie" Day (class counts in the morning before 1st block); JV & Varsity Volleyball home vs Washington 5:30 & 7pm.

- Thursday> "Green & White" Day (class counts in the morning before 1st block); Car Decorating Contest (judging at 9am); Homecoming Court and Mini Pep Rally (TBA); Varsity Boys Soccer at Keyser 7pm.

- Friday> Blended Learning Day; Homecoming Football Game vs Petersburg 7pm.

- Saturday> JV & Varsity Girls & Boys Soccer home vs Washington (11, 1, 3, & 5pm); Varsity Volleyball home 1pm.

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Healthy Expectations from Nurse Dante:

Updates from the Nurse:

Our area is just starting to see a few cases of the Flu, in addition to the Strep and typical Fall sinus-issues. We appreciate parents and guardians working with the School Nurses and School Staff to have your child seen by a Medical Provider and provide feedback to the school when symptoms develop and persist. Good questions to ask are "Are the symptoms my child is experiencing typical for them this time of year?" and "Does my child have any new, worsening or persisting symptoms?" If the answer is "yes" to any of these questions, medical follow-up is recommended. If you are unsure, talk with your child's Medical Provider, ask about an in-person vs. virtual appointment.

Schools completed additional cleaning on Friday, as we continue to work together to keep our staff and students healthy and in school.

The Health Department and our National Guard will be offering a community-wide flu vaccine opportunity and/or COVD-19 testing on October 17th in the High School parking lot from 8am-12N. This is open to anyone in the community. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Health Department at 304 496-9640.

The Health Department is working on establishing a Hot-Line for parents that will give information and guidance to parents if their child would test positive for COVID-19. More information about this will be available soon.

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Tech Tips from Mr. Feazell:

To stay with last week’s topic of organization, let’s talk about documents. Many people just keep creating and downloading documents and the name of all of them is “document” then a number. That makes it really hard to find what you are looking for, even if you are putting it in a folder just for your class. When you are creating, or downloading a document you should always give it a specific name and best tip when you are going to upload, add your last name. For example, this documents I would call “Tech Tip October 5th (Feazell)”. This way I know what it is and if anyone else looks at it they know who wrote it. How to do this: New Document from Office 365: When you start a new Office 365 document, you can click the center of the screen where it says the name of the document. Then in the drop down, you can change the name and even pick the location you want the document to save.

From a Schoology Class: Find the document you need to work on. Download the image. Once you download it, you have the choice to “Save As” (make sure you see AS and not just Save), click Save As, then give it a new title and pick where you save it.

Final Tip: Always remember where you save your work!

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Let's Go Trojans,

Mr. Dufrene