My Divorce Christmas

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Christmas Eve and Christmas

I spend Christmas Eve with my mom and siblings.We go to my grandma's house and open presents from my grandma. Then we eat our dinner. We always have steak,potatoes and mushrooms. We fondue them all its a tradition we do every year. We always have pie with whipped cream. We have cranberry salad. My grandma cooks everything every year. The last thing we eat is turkey and chicken. Then I always do a little show of me singing Christmas carols to my family. They always enjoy it then we go back home and take our presents and go to bed then on Christmas Day we wake up early and open more presents quick because my siblings and I have to go to my dads.

Christmas Day

On Christmas Day I go to my dads and open presents from him. Then we eat breakfast. We get in car and have snacks and we are on our way to my grandmas house in Minneapolis . Then we listen to Christmas music and sing along. Once we finally get to my grandmas house. We open presents and stockings. Then we eat our food which is turkey,corn,mash potatoes,turnip and white chocolate covered brownies. After we eat we talk about what happened that year. Then we eat dessert. And my dad siblings and I go home to play and sleep.

Why this is important to me

About us

My two Christmases are important to me because I get to have a family Christmas and have two times no just because presents. I get to spend one Christmas with my mom and then with my dad and I won't leave anyone out. Some people say that They want divorce parents because they get a lot of present plus two Christmases. My Christmases are different because I have two of them and get to have everything twice unlike everyone else who has no divorce parents. But it's also different because of our food from all of my relatives.