Warrior Weekly

January 4-8. 2016

Merry Christmas!

Thanks for all of your hard work this week! The last week before Christmas is a tough one for keeping students focused and doing the right thing! Thanks to so many of you for the fun things you do to show children the importance of caring and giving. Fourth grade raised over $800.00 to provide gifts for area families. Mrs. Miller's third grade class decided to collect money rather than get gifts for each other so that they could buy a popsicle for every student in our school. They had a wonderful time passing those out during lunch today. I know many of you did other great things with your classes to help emphasize our lifeline of caring.
I hope each of you is able to find time to rest and relax during the next couple of weeks. Enjoy time with your family and friends. Be safe! See everyone in 2016!

Important to Remember!

Please be sure everything is unplugged that needs to be unplugged or turned off. Refrigerators will be cleaned and items that are in them will be thrown away, so be sure you take things home!

Also, the fire inspector was here. We have some work to do. We are not allowed to have any small tables, chairs, etc. sitting just inside or outside of our doorways. If we have curtains in our rooms, they must meet fire code or be treated with a fire retardant and that has to be recorded by Rick. Tables need to be only on one side of a hallway. Hallways should not be a storage area for anything, Rick, Doug, and Angela will be working on getting things in order over vacation. The fire marshall expects to be back by December 28, so our custodial staff may have to move some things in order for us to be in compliance by that time. Thanks in advance to them for keeping us safe and in order. Sorry for an inconvenience this may cause, but we are a public building and have guidelines and regulations we have to respect and adhere to.

Finally, they will be doing some work on our water system over break, too. This may cause some discoloration or air in the lines. If you are in the building working, we wanted you to be aware that this could happen.

When we Return in 2016!!!

Monday, Jan. 4
  • Welcome back to a relatively quiet day as far as schedules go.

Tuesday, Jan. 5

  • 7:35--Grade Level Team Meetings

Wednesday, Jan. 6 Mid-term ends!

  • 7:35--SMART Start--Book Clubs!

Thursday, Jan. 7

  • 7:35--Staff Meeting--We will decide on our committees for our School Improvement work.
  • 9:00--Administration Team Meeting

Friday, Jan. 8

  • 7:35--RTI--Chris, Kris, Natalie, Colleen, Charlotte, and Susan
  • 1:00--5th Grade Spelling Bee in the Cafeteria